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Teeth Whitening Kits in Leduc and Devon

Our clinic makes custom whitening trays which helps patients eliminate yellowing and dark stains with our whitening kits. The whitening kits include custom-fit mouth trays and high-quality gel bleach to brighten up your smile.

If you require any of these appliances to help you in your individual situation, contact the denturists at Leduc Denture Clinic.

Why get a custom whitening tray?

When you choose Leduc Denture Clinic, our denturists will help you in the following manner:

Complete Teeth Coverage - since the tray is made custom for your mouth, it ensures full coverage of your smile.

Less Gum Irritation - with the custom fit, you ensure you get less gel on the gum and more gel on the teeth.

Custom To You - you can choose the strength of the gel being used. If you have more sensitive teeth, you can order a gel specifically for that need. You can also choose day-time gels or night-time gels, depending on how much you want to use it and for how long.

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