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Quality Denture Repairs in Leduc, Devon and the Surrounding Areas

Denture Repair Services in Leduc and Devon

At Leduc Denture Clinic we have a full-service laboratory on site. Our highly trained staff can offer several types of same day service repairs and can often provide some types of repairs in as little as an hour. Dentures can crack and or break into two or more pieces. When this happens, it is not a matter of gluing them back together. Doing this can cause irreparable damage. We replace the acrylic in the affected areas with new plastic to assure it is done correctly. We also keep a large selection of teeth in stock so if you break a tooth out and lose it or swallow it, we can put a new one in for you. Metal components of partial dentures can break off as well. When this happens, the denture may need to be sent away to be repaired and can take several days to get done.

Consult with our denturists at Leduc Denture Clinic to perform quality repairs to your dentures. 

Broken Dentures Cause Discomfort

We inspect every pair of dentures before providing any kind of estimate for repair.

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