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Easy and Hassle-Free Denture Replacement in Leduc and Devon

Replacement Dentures in Leduc and Devon


Let your Denturists at Leduc Denture Clinic evaluate your dentures and provide you with the expertise you require to make an informed decision. Contact us for a free consultation. 

At Leduc Denture Clinic, we have the expertise to assist you with denture replacements in Leduc. If you have been wearing your dentures for a long time, they may need to be replaced. Changes in your tissues and the dentures occurs very gradually over time and you may not notice these changes until damage to your mouth and jaws has occurred. It is very important to have regular check ups to make sure this does not happen. Like anything that assists us in our day to day lives, regular denture maintenance and replacement should be part of your routine to assure your oral health and general well being. Our denturists will listen to your needs and provide you with customized dentures that fit comfortably in your mouth.

Why Should Dentures Be Replaced?

Your dentures do not change when the face, jaw or oral tissues change. Although dentures can be relined to accommodate some of these changes, this can only be done a certain number of times. Dentures tend to become thicker and heavier each time this is done and can result in other problems that require replacement to correct. Dentures are made of acrylic, which is a type of plastic. Over time, these plastics can wear and become brittle making them more susceptible to breakage. While dentures can be repaired, it may be a short term solution to a more severe problem.

Replacement Dentures

When Should You Replace Your Dentures?

Here are some of the signs suggesting that you should consider replacing your dentures:

Irritated and swollen gums
Problems with chewing certain foods
Issues related with indigestion
Gagging and nausea
A change in facial characteristics, thinning lips, sagging mouth
The dentures are loose and fall out when you talk or laugh
The tooth is discoloured or has a foul smell
Tissues in the mouth are becoming soft
Headache, pain in the neck or ear
Loss of bone (ridge)
Shrinkage of gums
Not wearing your dentures often

At Leduc Denture Clinic, we conduct free annual checkups and provide custom recommendations to the people of Leduc, Devon and the surrounding areas. Our denturists are capable of determining whether some form of denture treatment is needed during your visit, including replacing old dentures with new dentures.

Get Your Dentures Replaced

We can help you determine if your dentures should be replaced, the denture teeth reset or the denture relined.

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