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Cost-effective Denture Reline Treatment in Leduc and Devon

Denture relining is a refitting of the tissue surface of your dentures. Your gums continue to shrink and change over the course of your lifetime necessitating the need for your dentures to be refit. We can reline your dentures to make them feel like new with a more comfortable fit and eliminate a great deal of food that can get under the denture. For those that have had difficulty with soreness, we can provide a soft lining that will help cushion the gums for a more comfortable fit. This can all be done in a same day service.


Let your Denturists at Leduc Denture Clinic assess your dentures to see if this is a solution for you. Contact us for a free consultation.

Denture Relining Process

In most situations, at the start of the day, the patient will schedule a visit to the clinic. After a meeting with one of our denturists, we will complete a reline impression under the current denture. The reline impression will change the denture's fit to the gums' current form. In our on-site laboratory, the denturist will take the denture and perform various laboratory procedures to complete the reline. This usually takes six hours or so. To allow the denturist to put the denture in the mouth and verify the fit and work, the patient must visit again later in the day.

Dental prosthesis

We Can Reline Your Dentures

Proper maintenance of your dentures is important to the health of the oral tissues and bone support.

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