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Meet Our Staff

Leduc Denture Clinic is run by a team of dental professionals to ensure that all clients who visit us are satisfied and happy with our services. Meet our staff and discover the various options that are available for you, through our years of experience in providing quality dentures. 

Get to know our hardworking team.

Kevin Grover:

I have done my entire denturist career in Leduc. After graduating from NAIT in 1984, I worked as a student denturist until I got my license in 1986 and bought the clinic from my employer. Since that time, I have served my profession in various capacities on both association and regulatory boards. I have had the pleasure of mentoring several student denturists, including my daughter, who have all gone on to successful careers. I have always taken pride in my work and enjoyed working with the public. I still find success and happiness in helping people and making a difference in people’s health, appearance and confidence. In 2018 I had the honour of being presented the Alberta Denturist “Award of Merit” for outstanding service and contribution to the profession. My wife and I raised our three daughters and some furry friends in Leduc and have enjoyed the community involved and friendships we established over this time.

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Shayna Grover.jpg

Shayna Grover:

My name is Shayna, I have been a denturist at Leduc Denture Clinic since 2017. I am passionate about helping others and I know how much a smile can change a person's life. I love how rewarding it is to see an individual's confidence and health increase after receiving treatment here at Leduc Denture Clinic. I strive to be as personable as possible and love listening to each patient, making sure each and every person I treat is happy and satisfied under my care. I am invested in the care of my patients and strive to educate myself on the newest and latest innovations regarding dentures and implants. 


Watching my dad, Kevin, be a denturist and following in his footsteps has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Working with him has been pretty awesome too!


When I’m not at the clinic, you can find me at the gym, loving our three cats, hanging out with my husband and exploring the outdoors with our husky Zeus!


Come say hello and I’m sure you’ll leave with a smile!

Martina Sucic.jpg

Martina Sucic:

My name is Martina, and I am a licensed Denturist.

I have always been interested in oral health and knew since early

age that I wanted to work in a dental profession. Throughout high school, I worked at a retirement home, and that allowed me to peek into the world of dentures. The fascination grew quickly, and next thing I knew I got accepted into the Denturist program at NAIT in 2019.

In my free time I enjoy staying active, trying new recipes, and reading. My husband and I love to spend time with family and friends, often playing board games. I also speak fluent Croatian.

I am consistently inspired by each patient I meet, and love working together towards creating their ideal smile.

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Samantha Weech:

My name is Samantha Weech. I am the Registered Dental Technician here at Leduc Denture Clinic.


I love the creative aspect of my job and how every single case is unique. I strive everyday to learn something new within our profession, whether that be learning new tips from my coworkers, or listening to the experiences of our patients.


My favorite part is watching the treatment from start to finish and seeing the result that I've helped create. You may see me pop in just for you to show me your smile.


When I'm not in the lab you can find me hanging out with my dog Rico and my 2 cats, Sulley & Missy.


I also thoroughly enjoy watching the oilers play and can tell you every player on our roster, (feel free to test me on this!). I've played competitive soccer my whole life and have recently just joined crossfit. I have found that playing competitive soccer my whole life has taught me how to truly be a team player, after all there is no I in team and I definitely could not have gotten to where I am without the help of my amazing coworkers!

Veronica Hayden:

I started talking to patients at Leduc Denture Clinic in 2003, I thoroughly enjoy getting to know the person behind the smiles we create. My background as a Certified Dental Assistant has given me the knowledge to inform our patients about what is involved with their treatment. I have been part of Leduc’s community since 1988 as I have raised my three children here. I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren and walks with my dog.

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