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Anti-snoring Appliances in Leduc and Devon

Snoring, also known as OSA: Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Do you or someone you know have issues with snoring? We can provide a variety of custom made oral appliances that can reduce or eliminate the annoying and harmful side effects of snoring.  At Leduc Denture Clinic we can help you.

Anti-snoring Appliance Features Include:

Custom fit for your mouth
Enable speech and drinking
Easily adjusted
Full lip seal
Discreet and silent
Unique soft inner liner available

If you require any of these appliances to help you in your individual situation, contact the denturists at Leduc Denture Clinic.

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What Is OSA?

OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a chronic medical condition that can affect the quality of life, health and sleep. Hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, injuries associated with work and driving, and stroke can be some of the underlying causes of OSA. 

It can significantly affect the quality of life and cause strain to relationships at home or workplace. Treatment is necessary if you or a loved one has OSA or shows signs such as snoring, prolonged daytime sleepiness or breathing delays while sleeping.

What Leads to OSA?

Muscles relax during sleep, including those which control the tongue and throat. At the back of your throat, the soft tissue can sag, narrowing and constricting the airway. You need to consult your physician and ask for a sleep assessment. Once OSA has been determined, and you have a prescription from your doctor, the course of treatment will begin at Leduc Denture Clinic.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Can Hinder Your Sleep

Once you have been diagnosed by your doctor, our denturists provide a variety of custom-fit appliances best suited to your individual needs and lifestyle.

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