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Removable partial denture (RPD.)

BPS Certified Partial Dentures in Leduc, Devon and the Surrounding Areas

Partial Dentures in Leduc and Devon

At Leduc Denture Clinic, we provide various partial dentures in Leduc, Devon and the surrounding areas. A partial denture is a denture that replaces one or more missing teeth in the upper or lower arch in the mouth. They can be a temporary or long term solution depending on the ultimate desired treatment. At Leduc Denture Clinic, we provide these options based on your individual needs.


Let your Denturist at Leduc Denture Clinic help you decide which denture is best for your individual situation. Contact us!

Cast Partial Dentures in Leduc

These dentures use a metal base and clasps as well as other components that help protect your remaining teeth from damaging stresses while eating and are the most secure type of partial without using implants. The metal is stronger than acrylic partials, is thinner, and less bulky making the denture more comfortable to wear. These are designed to be for long time use. Implants can be used when desired to create an often more aesthetic looking denture with superior hold.

Flipper Partials in Leduc

Also known as transitional partials, these dentures are designed to be of a temporary measure. Flippers are generally used to fill the gaps of recently lost teeth for cosmetic purposes with the gums heal and more permanent types of solutions such as crowns, bridges or implants are being completed.

Cast Partial Dentures in Leduc

These partials are similar to flipper partials with the exception that there are metal clasps that help hold the partial in place for a more functional denture. These dentures allow a more secure hold while you are using them for eating or even speaking but are generally not being used as long term solution.

Replace Missing Teeth

Whatever you opt for, you can trust in the quality of our craftsmanship and the durability of our products.

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