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Get Complete Dentures in Leduc, Devon and the Surrounding Areas

Complete Dentures in Leduc and Devon

At Leduc Denture Clinic, we offer many types of complete dentures in Leduc: Immediate, Standard, Complex and Implant. A complete denture replaces all the teeth on the upper or lower arch or both. They are a long term and functional solution for cosmetic and functional needs. Like most solutions there are various options that may suit needs at any given time.


Let your Denturist at Leduc Denture Clinic explain the options to you so that you may decide the best denture for your individual situation. Contact us!

We can help you with Immediate Complete Dentures

Immediate dentures are generally the first type of complete denture that an individual gets. These dentures are fabricated prior to having your teeth extracted and inserted immediately after they are extracted. They cover and help protect the tissues while they are raw and healing. They also help a person get used to wearing a denture right away with functional and cosmetic benefits. As the tissues are healing, these dentures will need a fair amount of follow up and adjustment to compensate for the changes the gums go through during this time. Temporary soft relines with be placed as required to keep the dentures fitting and comfortable. After at least six months of healing, the dentures will require permanent relines to restore the fit for a long term result. In rare cases where tissue changes are extreme, it may be advisable to replace the dentures.

Standard Complete Dentures in Leduc

The dentures are the most basic type of dentures that can be made. While good quality materials are used, there is less attention placed on technical aspects that can improve the function and appearance of them. These are a long term and most economical solution for the complete denture wearer.

Complex Dentures in Leduc

These dentures are an upgrade to standard dentures. There is more advanced techniques utilized that help accomplish greater chewing efficiency and natural aesthetics with superior materials used. There is more stability to the denture making it more comfortable to wear.

Complex Dentures Over Implants

These dentures are the most efficient and advanced of all the types of dentures. There are various options from implant retained, tissue supported dentures, implanted retained and implant supported, dentures to fixed/removable dentures.

Lost Several Teeth?

Whatever the case, we have the denture solution for your needs!

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