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Get on the Road to a Healthy Smile

Our goal is to earn patients’ trust, ensure their comfort, and inform, educate, and guide them to better oral health.

The Denture That Fits Your Lifestyle

Your Preferred Denture Clinic in Leduc and the Surrounding Areas

Don't let the worry of ill-fitting dentures prevent you from enjoying your favourite food. Trust the professionals at Leduc Denture Clinic to take care of your oral health with various specialized services delivered in a highly professional manner. For over 40 years, our team of denturists has granted happy smiles to clients and patiently catered to each individual's unique needs.


To give our patients the care they deserve, we are constantly adopting technologically-advanced measures. Being a BPS certified denture clinic in Leduc, Devon and the surrounding areas, our goal is to ensure that our clients feel comfortable and confident with the dentures provided by us. To book an appointment with us, get in touch with our denture clinic in Leduc today.

What Are Implant Dentures?

An advanced alternative to conventional dentures, implant dentures have several benefits. The most significant advantage of implants is that they serve as a solid foundation for dentures. Fixed and removable implant dentures are the two different types of dentures available. Also known as screw-retained dentures, fixed implant dentures can only be removed by a denturist. On the other hand, removable implant dentures come with attachments that provide a grip on the implants. Irrespective of the type of implant dentures you choose at Leduc Denture Clinic, a significant improvement is guaranteed.

Immediate vs Conventional Dentures

Immediate and conventional dentures are varieties of complete dentures. Immediate dentures are fabricated prior to teeth being extracted so dentures can be placed as soon as the natural teeth are removed. Conventional dentures are made when the teeth have been previously extracted and the soft tissues are healed. This type of denture would be considered a replacement denture to an immediate denture.

If you think you might be the right candidate for dentures, Leduc Denture Clinic is here to discuss it with you.

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Professional Affiliations

Denturist Association of Canada

Denturist Association of Canada (DAC)

Denturist Association of Alberta

Denturist Association of Alberta (DAA)

College of Alberta Denturists

College of Alberta Denturists (CAD)

Fellowship to the Canadian Academy of Denturism (FCAD)

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Are You Looking for Full Dentures?

We work with your personal preferences and budget to provide you with a range of options.

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Wondering if You Can Get Partial Dentures?

A partial denture is suitable for those who have some natural teeth remaining.

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Mouthguards and Anti-Snoring Appliances

If you or a loved one plays sports or has a habit of snoring while sleeping, we can help.

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