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Premium Mouthguards
in Leduc and Devon

Leduc Denture Clinic offers a collection of premium mouthguards and anti-snoring appliances in Leduc that fit comfortably over your upper and lower teeth. If you require a sports mouth guard we can provide a custom fit, quality mouth guard to protect your teeth against accidental damage. Sports mouth guards are effective in protection against concussions in certain circumstances as well. These are comfortable to wear and simple to maintain. If you GRIND OR CLENCH your teeth you may be in need of an occlusal splint. This can protect your teeth from excessive wear and your jaws and face from muscle pain associated with this habit. It often occurs at night when you are sleeping. A custom fit appliance can help you alleviate many of the symptoms associated with this. 

Mouth guards, Occlusal splints and Anti-snoring Appliance Features Include:

Custom fit for your mouth
Enable speech and drinking
Easily adjusted
Full lip seal
Discreet and silent
Unique soft inner liner available

If you require any of these appliances to help you in your individual situation, contact the denturists at Leduc Denture Clinic.

Sports Mouth Guard_edited.jpg

How We Can We Help You

When you choose Leduc Denture Clinic, our denturists will help you in the following manner:

During your initial visit, our experts will carry out a thorough check of your mouth to determine your oral health. We will also predetermine if your insurance covers the treatment.
During your second appointment, we will take impressions of your teeth and a bite registration.
Once your customized device is ready, our denturists will place it inside your mouth and guide you further on cleaning and maintaining the device.
Finally, you will have to make further calibration visits to determine the correct position of the device.
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